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This course is not offered this school year and this webpage will not be updated.

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Welcome to the Chemistry class website! These resources are organized by chapter for your convenience and the calendar below will contain all the important topics we cover as well as due dates.

About the Class

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This course is taught using a college-level chemistry curriculum.


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Course Syllabus Curriculum
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Safety Contract Command Terms
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Participation Rubric  

Online Textbook from Openstax

*NOTE: It is no longer recommended that you use the web view due to differences in section numbers and the lack of numbered exericises for the homework.
Full Textbook - PDF Download (319 MB)
Direct Openstax Website Link:
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Chapter Materials and Resources

Chapter 1 - Essential Ideas

Chapter 1 - Textbook Section (23 MB)

Chapter 2 - Atoms, Moelcules and Ions

Chapter 2 - Textbook Section (18 MB)

Chapter 3 - Composition of Substances and Solutions

Chapter 3 - Textbook Section (12 MB)

Chapter 4 - Stoichiometry of Chemical Reactions

Chapter 4 - Textbook Section  (13 MB)

Chapter 5 - Thermochemistry

Chapter 5 - Textbook Section (13 MB)
Appendix G - Enthalpy Values for Homework

Chapter 6 - Electronic Structure and Periodic Properties of Elements

Chapter 6 - Textbook Section (20 MB)

Chapter 7 - Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry

Chapter 7 - Textbook Section (9 MB)
Useful Video Links:

Chapters 9 & 10 - Gases, LIquids and Solids

Chapter 9 - Textbook Section (20 MB)
Chapter 10 - Textbook Section (26 MB)

Chapters 12 & 13 - Kinetics and Fundamental Equilibrium Concepts

Chapter 12 - Textbook Section (14 MB)
Chapter 13 - Textbook Section (8 MB)

Chapter 14 - Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter 14 - Textbook Section (16 MB)

Chapter 17 - Electrochemistry

Chapter 17 - Textbook Section (9 MB)

Chapter 20 - Organic Chemistry

Chapter 20 - Textbook Section (11 MB)

Other Openstax Textbook Resources

Appendices A-M
Answer Key (Odd Numbered Questions)

Additional Materials for Option B (Biochemistry)

Recommended for students who have biology overlap.

Option B - Curriculum Objectives
Option B - Reading 1
Answers to Test Yourself Questions from Reading 1
Answers to Exam Style Questions from Reading 1
Option B - Study Guide

Additional Materials for Option C (Energy)

Recommended for students who have physics overlap.

Option C - Curriculum Objectives
Option C - Reading 1
Answers to Test Yourself Questions from Reading 1
Answers to Exam Style Questions from Reading 1
Option C - Study Guide

People and Places Profile Project

People and Places Profile Project